Because all buildings have their quirks, fire alarm systems need to be carefully considered. From a simple conventional fire alarm to a more sophisticated analogue addressable system, the Safe Spray team will work with you to select the best fire alarm system for your building.

Conventional fire alarms

Conventional fire alarms are the type we’re all familiar with – the alarm alerts building occupants to a fire and gives a rough indication of its location, such as a particular zone. As these are more cost-effective and easier to retrofit, they can be a good option for smaller buildings.

Analogue addressable systems

An analogue addressable fire detection system is a more hi-tech system, which constantly monitors detectors placed around a building. If there’s a fire or a fault, the system can identify its precise location. These are excellent for large premises and places with more complex needs – if fire services know exactly where to go, the fire can be extinguished more quickly with less risk to the property and people’s lives.


Different buildings and different environments will benefit from careful selection of detectors. We can advise on and supply a large variety of detectors, such as heat detectors, optical smoke detectors, ionization smoke detectors, beam detectors, flame detectors, intelligent multi-criteria detectors, and more.

Control panels

The control panel is responsible for monitoring the detectors around the building. As well as  sounding alarms, your fire alarm system’s control panel can also take care of a range of important tasks such as alerting fire services, closing fire and smoke doors and turning on ventilation systems.To learn more about choosing the right fire alarm system, contact us today.